Dart MasterAlex Troyer
Bull MasterKaren Troyer
Croquet MasterMatt Troyer
One-Handed Beer Croquet MasterMatt Troyer
Parent-Child Croquet MastersKevin & Carolyn Robinson
Horseshoe MasterSteve Bennett
Ping/Beer Pong MasterMatt Troyer
Doubles Ping Pong MastersMatt Troyer & Alex Troyer
Soccer MasterStephanie Robinson
Running MasterCathy Robinson
Badminton MasterJoe Keating
Uno MasterStephanie Robinson
Pictionary MastersKaren Troyer & Kevin Robinson
Spoons MasterMatt Troyer
Guts MasterLynn Robinson
Texas Hold 'Em Poker MasterLynn Robinson
Speed MasterJudy Robinson
Sony Playstation
NHL '98
Hockey Master
Matt Troyer
Sportcraft Rod
Hockey Master
Kevin Robinson
         Last Updated December 2015

Christmas 2015 in New England culminated in a couple of surprise titles changing hands and the establishment of a new masters title.

A new format for determining Dart Master saw the youngest members of both the Troyer and Robinson families winning the right to vie for the title in a head-to-head match. Stephanie jumped to an impressive early lead in the title match but was ultimately overcome by Alex with his unexpected double bull and triple 17 in the late stages. This was followed by Karen's two bullseyes to beat out everyone for her first Bull Master title.

Kevin and Lynn did their best to adapt to a new ping pong game format but were soon dispatched in the 2 out of 3 match where Matt and Alex earned the first ever Doubles Ping Pong Master crown.

We have yet to establish a Pool Master, but here are our modified rules to Bottle Pool and a variation that we call Pick Pocket.

The original Horseshoe Master pit